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23.11.2021 | Tech and Business News

“2022 is set to be a big year for renewables”

Alex Melzer, co-founder of solar startup Zolar, wants to put a solar panel on every roof.

Zolar co-founder Alex Melzer – © Zolar

Zolar wants to put solar panels on every roof in the world, and therefore gives homeowners easy access to residential solar solutions they can simply order online. Berliner Volksbank believes in the startup, which was founded in 2016, and is backing Zolar with a new €20 million loan, so Siliconcanals reports. “Going green is often easier said than done,” says founder Alex Melzer, and explains how his company makes solar energy “accessible, affordable, and effective for everyone” by “lowering upfront costs and reducing bureaucratic burden.” The funding “will enable Zolar to keep up with demand in Germany and expand its presence within Europe.” 

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