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24.01.2024 | Tech and Business News

21st Century Design Tool Kittl Boosted by $36M

Berlin-based Kittl provides a design tool for the 21st century

The Kittl team – © Kittl

Communication between web designers and web developers is not always easy. The designer approaches the job graphically and with user journeys in mind. The programmer wants to know specifically which pixels have to go exactly where and precisely what functionality is expected. US company Figma addresses this gap, but they have now got competition from Berlin-based Kittl. Companies such as Warner Bros, Netflix and Penguin Random House already count to Kittl’s clients, but the tool is useful for beginners, semi-professionals and especially graphic designers too, which explains the 1 million users Kittl claims. Founder and CEO Nicolas Heymann explains that his tool combines inspiration and media assets with design as core functionality, and adds post-production features such as file-sharing. Kittl has just won $36M in a Series B funding round, as Sifted reports, bringing the total they have raised within 12 months to $50M. The startup employs about 60 people at the moment and intends to use the new funding to double that, since internationalization is now the plan.

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