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23.05.2023 | Tech and Business News

21st Century Health Care Just Got a Booster

Real world combined with digital tech: Patient21 understands the need to visit your doctor.

Welcoming – one of Patient21’s 50 practices in Germany – © Patient21

Before founding Patient21 in 2019, serial entrepreneur Chris Muhr was COO at Auto1 Group, overseeing their international expansion. The new company is particularly close to his heart because of his own experience when battling cancer. As a health platform, Patient21 combines digital tech with physical practices and seeks to accommodate the whole patient journey, from finding a physician to booking an appointment, visiting the practice or clinic, and being taken care of afterwards. Instead of steering patients towards remote telemedicine, Patient21 currently sends them to one of its outpatient clinics across Germany, of which there are over 50 handling more than 300,000 patient visits a year. Expansion beyond Germany is likely – “We expect to launch in two new European markets within the next 12 months,” Muhr says. The company has developed proprietary software for managing patients, with a patient-facing app, an app for doctors, and a clinic management system, all of which may in the future be licensed out. Currently the focus is on dentistry, gynecology, and GP practices, but the principle can be used for any sort of health care. “Long-term we believe there will be an opportunity to form partnerships or to run clinics in the form of a franchise model, providing franchisees with software and services offering that is unique in the market,” Muhr notes. Investors see the success of the model and potential in the expansion into other European countries, which is why Patient21 has just raised €100 million in a Series C round, as techcrunch reports.

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