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29.08.2023 | Tech and Business News

Anytype, any place, anywhere on the internet …

If you use software, you’re usually trusting the software provider to store the data on their servers. Berlin-based startup Anytype offers a local-first alternative productivity tool for notes, a wiki-style knowledge base, and tasks. The app syncs through decentralized p2p network nodes. Basically, it’s a kind of blockchain for your personal management content, so instead of storing your stuff in files on your hard drive you organize your digital life in the Anytype app, which has a funkier frontend than files. “By focusing on no-code tools coupled with our decentralized architecture, we’d like to equip creators and communities to build the web on their own terms,” says co-founder Zhanna Sharipova. She and fellow founder Anton Pronkin are on a mission to recreate the internet in the spirit it was initially developed, as a decentralized system without dependencies on gatekeepers. Monetisation comes from backing up the data, i.e. syncing it in the local network cloud. Anytype just gained €13M in the wake of the successful soft-launch of their open beta, as crowdfundinsider reports.

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