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14.03.2024 | Tech and Business News

Continuous Profiling is Hot Stuff from Polar Signals

Team photo Polar Signals

Feeling warm – the Polar Signals team – © Polar Signals

Programming language is a language, and as any writer knows, a text can always be improved. The code in software can always be polished, “refactored”, and debugged – even when things seem to be working fine for the moment. The process by which to do this regularly is called continuous profiling, and there are technical solutions that do it automatically. Polar Signals is a company based in Berlin and the USA which provides such products, always-on, to help improve website or software performance, understand incidents, and ultimately lower the costs of technical infrastructure. Their most well-known product for developers is Parca. Polar Signals was founded in 2020 by Frederic Branczyk, a key figure in the tech community, being an early employee at CoreOS in their Berlin office and deeply involved in Prometheus and Kubernetes. As siliconcanals report, Polar Signals has just received approximately €6.2M in funding – from among others Google Ventures, which is a good sign since it was Google that invented the idea of continuous profiling in the first place.

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