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27.09.2023 | Tech and Business News

Digital Journey For Your Real Journey

Numa provides digital booking and many other standard processes for hotels in the digital age.

Numa aims to go digital in every nook and cranny, as in Nook Berlin – © Numa

Now almost everyone can enjoy the boutique hotel feeling – just without the staff. Hotel startup Numa saves costs by digitizing everything except the cleaning in their premises. The disruptive concept seems to be working and cost savings are rumored to be up to 40%. Small wonder that investors have just agreed to top up Numa’s accounts with €56M in series C, as Business Insider reports from the press release. The Numa group started as Cosi in 2019, founded by Christian Gaiser, Inga Laudiero, Gerhard Maringer, and Dimitri Chandogin. “We have only scratched the surface in terms of digitizing … the entire travel experience,” says Gaiser, who apparently grew up in a family hotel in the Black Forest. Today Numa has 4,500 rooms and suites in 28 European cities such as Berlin, Munich, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, or Vienna. The booking technology alone means that they are booked to 85% on average, with flexible “intelligent pricing” ensuring the high occupancy rate. The tech which achieves this is available to any hoteliers through a franchise model called Numa Go.

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