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14.12.2023 | Tech and Business News

Direct Air Capture To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

The team of 10+ people at NeoCarbon, including founders René Haas and Silvain Toromanoff in the back.

Committed to combating climate change: the NeoCarbon team. – © NeoCarbon

Many scientists and startups are exploring the means of capturing CO₂. NeoCarbon helps companies achieve their climate goals through direct removal of CO₂ at scale from ambient air via direct air capture. Their units “leverage waste heat within existing industrial infrastructure”. The patented technology processes the airflow used to evacuate heat through cooling towers, so instead of building and running large fans the CO₂ is caught and can then be utilized for everything from fire extinguishers or concrete production to fizzy drinks. This creates a circular system. NeoCarbon has just closed a seed deal worth €3.2 including investors PropTech1 Ventures, Speedinvest, and Antler, as Startbase reports. CEO René Haas is optimistic that with the new funding he can increase the size of the team and achieve their first large-scale capture plant. The launch of a second generation autonomous plant is scheduled for the end of first quarter of 2024.

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