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02.03.2023 | Tech and Business News

Doctorly Closes $10M Series A Round

Making life “easier and simpler” for physicians: doctorly is designed to reduce the admin overhead in medical practices with modern software.

The doctorly management team – hoodies are the new scrubs – © Doctorly

A physician’s practice, in Germany at least, spends approximately sixty working days a year on administrative tasks. Most medical practices are still using on-premise software originally designed in the 90s to run their daily operations, so in comparison to other sectors the admin tools used by MDs may seem clunky at best. Doctorly was launched in 2022 with the mission of reducing this workload by 50%, making the lives of medical doctors “easier and simpler” so that they can concentrate on their job: healing people. Nicklas Teicke, COO and co-founder of doctorly, says that data silos and non-digitized processes are slowing down innovations in health tech, and certainly this fear was one of the reasons the sector has been newly regulated in Germany, making digital solutions easier to get on the market than only a few years ago. Now the Berlin-based doctorly has raised $10M in its Series A round, as reports. The young startup is the first VC-financed company to receive all necessary approvals for the distribution of practice software in Germany. For the moment, doctorly plans to invest the new funds in growth and new functions only in Germany, but if it works here, other markets are sure to follow.

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