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20.03.2024 | Tech and Business News

Enapi Enables EV-Charge Point Interoperability at Scale

Jakob Kleihues and Dennis Laumen from Enapi

Jakob Kleihues and Dennis Laumen from Enapi – © Enapi

One of the challenges in charging electric cars is the variety of networks on the market, making it difficult for drivers to find the right charging points and providers to supply their customers. Enapi provides the providers with a connectivity infrastructure layer, helping especially charge point operators (CPOs) to work seamlessly with the e-mobility service providers (eMSPs, who facilitate the payment, usually via a subscription service and/or a smartphone app). Enapi is already working with some of the major international players in the scene on an invite only-basis – anyone else has to join the waitlist. Co-founders Dennis Laumen and Jakob Kleihues have only just completed their pre-seed round, led by Project A Ventures, bagging €2.5M, as eu-startups reports.

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