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15.12.2023 | Tech and Business News

€40M for Climate Neutral Renovators ecoworks

ecoworks net-zero panels on an apartment building.

A house “retrofitted” to net-zero standards by ecoworks – © ecoworks

The ‘proptech’ building company ecoworks plans, designs and installs prefabricated façade and roof elements to convert apartment buildings to a net-zero standard. Ecoworks panels include windows and ventilation, and can be fitted on buildings within a few days. The Berlin-based company was founded by Emanuel Heisenberg, the grandson of the famous physicist Werner Heisenberg. He promises that 80 percent of production is carried out cost-effectively by robots in factories. “It’s like a second skin that is wrapped around the house,” Heisenberg explains. He is aiming for a turnover of one billion euros by 2027. As a one-stop solution, they offer project planning, construction and installation as general contractor, meaning they coordinate all trades, and even handle tenant communication and facility management. The demand for such services has risen drastically, which increases investor readiness in sustainable solutions for residential, industrial and office real estate. Of course, the company benefits from the regulatory requirements for the renovation of existing buildings and the available subsidies for the reduction of carbon emissions. Now ecoworks has received €40M in funding, with Worldfund as lead investor, as greentech live reports. ecoworks hopes that with this backing it may achieve its declared goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 1 gigaton of CO2 by 2045.

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