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30.01.2023 | Tech and Business News

Investment By Design

The team behind Kittl

The Kittl team – © Kittl

HTC Heritage Type, the Berlin-based startup behind the platform Kittl, provides design tools for designers and non-designers. Anyone can use the platform to create a logo, label, or t-shirt, using templates or pre-set graphic elements that can be altered to suit every taste and case. What sets the design platform Kittl apart from other tools is not just making up funky graphics (users have apparently created more than 1 million of these since launch in 2022), but the chance to monetize them directly by selling them to others on the platform. Founders Nicolas Heymann and Tobias Saul have just bagged a €10.8M investment, as eu startups reports. Not bad, considering they founded the initial company as recently as 2020 as font provider Heritage Type and only released Kittl last year. We imagine that the pitch deck looked really good.

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