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13.10.2022 | Tech and Business News

Levity AI: Making Light of Standard Business Workflows

Democratizing AI with a no-code solution for SMEs: Levity founders Thilo Hüllmann and Gero Keil

Serious Levity founders Thilo Hüllmann and Gero Keil – © Levity

Berliners Thilo Hüllmann and Gero Keil founded their startup Levity in order to provide medium-sized businesses with no-code solutions to automate standard repetitive processes. The tool can be easily taught to, for example, automatically categorize customer inquiries, support tickets, survey responses, or orders. It can analyze emails and, for instance, documents needed to onboard customers. It can even categorize a product portfolio or inventory based purely on product photos. The founders have identified fashion, real estate, shipping, marketing, science, and social media as some of the potential target industries in which “many companies are completely left out of AI and automation and have no access to this important technology”, according to CEO Keil. Backed initially by Berlin pre-seed venture capital fund SystemOne, Levity has now collected €8,5M seed funding to get the platform out of the beta stage and ready for the market.

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