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22.09.2022 | Tech and Business News

New Visionary Fund for B2B and Deep Tech

Robert Lacher and Sebastian Pollok from the Berlin VC Visionaries Club

Sofa surfing the digitized future – Robert Lacher and Sebastian Pollok – © Visionaries Club

The self-proclaimed Visionaries Club (VC, get it?) believe that every part of the value can and should be digitized if there is potential to streamline and automate processes. The investment company has just announced their second generation fund, as businessinsider reports. €400M are to be distributed as seed and growth money – with tickets up to €5M and €10M respectively – for B2B as well as deep tech startups. A number of German companies including Sennder and HelloFresh as well as family dynasties have provided the capital for the fund, with some money coming from the US. The driving force behind the ‘Club’ is provided by Robert Lacher and Sebastian Pollok, who managed to raise the money with their optimistic attitude. “The past has shown that the most innovative companies emerge in times of crisis”, they say, referring back to the financial crash of 2008, which according to Lacher spawned successes such as Zalando.

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