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12.03.2024 | Tech and Business News

Providing an Intelligent Shopfront: Frontnow Funding

The founders of Frontnow, Marc Funk, Bernhard Lihotzky and Cedric May

Frontnow founders Marc Funk, Bernhard Lihotzky and Cedric May – © Frontnow

For companies that sell online, processing data about prospective customers can provide valuable performance indicators, leading to more sales at higher volumes. But the more a company grows, the more complex the technical solutions to organize the “customer journey” tend to get. Berlin startup Frontnow proposes an AI-based solution. For instance, it automatically enhances product data for search engine optimization, automatically deals with customer queries, and enhances your webshop with smart guides for visitors. The system plugs seamlessly into existing webstores. Frontnow have just gained €3.8M in funding in an extended seed round that their press release says will be used to further develop the technology and grow the company’s enterprise customer base. “Our focus remains on customer value, as this is what ultimately determines our success or failure,” says founder and CEO Marc Funk, presumably referring to both their clients’ customers and the clients themselves.

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