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16.08.2022 | Tech and Business News

The Super App for all Things DeFi

The founders of Unstoppable Finance

The founders of Unstoppable Finance – © Unstoppable Finance

Berlin-based fintech startup, Unstoppable Finance, has received €12.5 million in Series A funding. 

The money is to be used for the high-profile launch of the crypto app Ultimate. The team around the founders Maximilian von Wallenberg, Peter Großkopf and Omid Aladini wants to bring the so-called "Decentralized Finance" to the mass market. According to their own information, 300,000 users have already registered for the waiting list of Ultimate. Testing is expected to begin soon, with a global launch planned for this year.

The financing round was led by Lightspeed Venture and was joined by existing investors Speedinvest, Rockaway Blockchain Fund, Backed, Inflection, Discovery Ventures, Fabric Ventures as well as Anagram.

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