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12.10.2023 | Tech and Business News

Trading Infrastructure Provider Upvest’s BlackRock Deal

The Berlin-based Upvest team has secured €30M from US asset management giant BlackRock.

Upvest management team in upshirts – © upvest

Upvest is an investment infrastructure provider with the aim of making it easier for banks, brokers, or fintech companies to build investment platforms. Basically, Upvest provides an API that enables you to connect your website or database to various stock exchanges, so you can offer an investment experience to your customers. BlackRock is an American multinational investment company, a leading asset manager handling stocks, bonds, currencies, futures contracts, or even bars of gold. Now the two have teamed up with the aim of simplifying investing for European investors, mainly through easy access to ‘exchange traded funds’, ETFs, which are traded products consisting of bundles of assets. The partnership deal with BlackRock includes €30M in funding for Upvest, as Startbase reports from the press release. Upvest’s offering will remain an open architecture, they say. Their approach lowers the barrier to investment for first-timers and is encouraging many people to participate in financial markets in the hope of securing future wealth.

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