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03.11.2022 | Tech and Business News

Vara Data-Driven Breast Cancer Screening

CEO Jonas Muff and CTO Stefan Bunk of breast cancer screening AI healthtech company Vara

Jonas Muff and Stefan Bunk of Vara – © Vara

Breast cancer causes 700,000 deaths globally a year, although it can be well treated if it is discovered early enough. Forbes showcases Berlin-based company Vara, which has developed an AI application and workflow software to support breast cancer screening radiologists. It allows local radiology clinics to make better use of their existing mammography scanners to provide high-quality and reliable breast cancer screening at much lower costs. Currently, Vara assesses more than 80,000 mammography examinations a month, but they aim to scale quickly. In addition to the screening itself, Vara’s platform can help staff handle the entire workflow, from appointments to the follow-up after screening. In Germany, CEO and founder Jonas Muff and his team already work with a good third of the screening market. Internationally, Vara operates in Greece, launched in Mexico this year and plans to expand to Egypt and India in 2023. Vara came out of Merantix, Europe’s first AI venture studio, which is also based in Berlin. Now Vara has raised another $4.4M in funding. Vara’s success shows that Berlin is leading the way in developing and piloting artificial intelligence solutions in the hitech health sector.

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