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Berlin vs. Paris: currywurst or croissant?

The difference between Paris and Berlin isn’t just the spoken language. It’s not just about Le Louvre or Die Museumsinsel (Museum Island), the quality of life doesn’t just depend on the average temperature or population density. But it certainly helps to know some facts that may help you during a conversation, or that are relevant when starting a business in either metropolis.

We have put together some facts comparing the two Start Alliance cities Paris and Berlin for their qualities of a work and life environment. 

© Uhura Creative Media
© Uhura Creative Media


Affordable capital living

By comparing the cost of living between both cities, it becomes evident that Berlin is overall the more cost-efficient one. Although rents are constantly rising, Berlin’s city centre apartments are still cheaper than what most other capital cities have on offer when it comes to housing. The luxury of a diverse food scene and affordable restaurants is also a prominent advantage of living in Germany’s capital. Its population density is particularly low for a metropolis, which makes it a relatively relaxed and laid-back city to live in and commute through. Even though one may find it not as pretty, chic and grand as the French capital, Berlin’s rough-edged and free-spirit appearance has certainly struck a chord especially with young professionals.

City incentives and governmental support

A broad variety of initiatives provide support, in the form of platforms and events for newly established tech-related business. These initiatives aim to help new businesses successfully enter their specific market in a given city. The renowned and internationally recognized network, Start Alliance, encourages the formation of business networks in currently 10 cities.

Berlin has numerous initiatives, which offer support to startups and businesses, such as Berlin Partner, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Gründen in Berlin and the Investitionsbank. while Paris has one main advocate in this field, namely La French Tech, which is considered the French "startup ecosystem“.

Berlin’s Global Startup Ecosystem

Berlin is acclaimed for not only being Germany‘s but Europe’s foremost startup capital. Its scene is rapidly increasing in size, due to the creative and business-orientated minds of the city. Berlin has a fairly open society, which makes it easier to network, as well as build and strengthen relationships with other individuals, businesses or industries from a range of different countries, cultures, mindsets and backgrounds. This diversity nurtures and manifests Berlin as a truly global startup city.

If you like to get a more in-depth look on this matter, browse further through Berlin’s Startup ecosystem and Life in Berlin.

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