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Zukunftsorte Berlin: Where science and business meet

Map Zukunftsorte Berlin

When it comes to growth, Berlin has rapidly developed to establish itself as a hub for modern technologies and industries of the future. The biggest science-City in Europe additionally boasts numerous well-connected commercial, industrial and technological locations. In fact, it has more large-scale urban areas dedicated to business and science than any other European city. 

These remarkable city-wide locations provide a sustainable urban development for working and living. The Zukunftsorte (“locations of future innovations”) are open for talents and enterprises, which develop new fields and products. It’s no surprise then that this unique network of spaces is home to top research, teaching and some of the world’s most influential companies and creative minds. 

Here are the Zukunftsorte locations: 



If you are looking for further information, do not hesitate to contact:

Geschäftstelle Zukunftsorte
c/o Technologiestiftung
Grunewaldstraße 61-62
10825 Berlin

More information

Have a look where the "Zukunftsorte" are located in the map of Berlin: Berlin Economic Atlas


(c) Uhura Berlin, Berlin Partner, Geschäftsstelle Zukunftsorte | last update: August 2018

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