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Doing business in Berlin

Berlin – Germany’s industry innovation chamber

There are plenty of arguments to register a company in the German capital. Berlin’s economy is vibrant and has proven to be one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in the world. The city is a reflection of Germany’s business diversity because it brings together some of the biggest German companies with their research and development labs and ambitious new ventures from a host of different industries. The players range from the financial industry, pharmaceuticals and real estate all the way to venture capital firms and German think tanks.

Technology innovations are created in Berlin

If your focus is on developing future technologies, Berlin should definitely be on your shortlist. Innovative sectors such as energy, ICT, and photonics are growing and investing heavily in science and research, putting the German capital on the map as home to some of the most influential hubs worldwide for tech innovation and digitalization. Existing and future technology parks include the Science and Technology Park Berlin Adlershof, Biotech Park Campus Berlin-Buch and EUREF-Campus. These are hotspots for tech companies and scientific institutions with tremendous potential for development.

Possible sites in the future include Tegel Airport once it has been closed. The site is to be home to the Urban Tech Republic, an industrial park where companies can realise their ideas for urban technology.

Visit Technology Parks & Center for more info on current and future opportunities to connect with forward-looking tech companies in Berlin.

Entering the German business world the easy way

Berlin’s business culture is rich in cultural diversity and languages, making it the perfect canvas for creative talents and business ideas. In contrast to European metropolises like London, Berlin has plenty of affordable real estate and co-working spaces, offering an advantageous infrastructure for industry endeavors. A thriving economy also makes Germany a hub that’s highly attractive for growing businesses in the EU. To familiarise yourself with the particularities of getting your business set up in Berlin smoothly, we’re here to provide you with helpful information and services.

Berlin Partner offers several packages for companies, investors, and scientific institutions to give you valuable insights in areas including:

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  • Consulting for international projects