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13.04.2023 | Tech and Business News

Biting Into the 3D Printing Market With New Tech

NovoJet C-7 multi-material 3D printer has a new printhead for greater viscosity.

Clever box: NovoJet C-7 multi-material 3D printing system by Quantica – © Quantica

Industrial production is relying ever more heavily on fast and flexible additive manufacturing solutions. Berlin has a strong scene for 3D printing and one of the players is Quantica. They have just secured €14M in a series A round, as and tctmagazine report from the press release. One of their main areas of application is currently in the dental industry – Quantica can supply custom dentures made of up to seven different materials, combining multiple high-performance materials into one single object. But through their proprietary NovoJet™ printhead, capable of jetting more viscous liquids than standard printheads, they hope to sink their teeth into new markets. With the new investment, Quantica will be able to deliver 3D printers for multiple use cases as part of an open application development platform, so customers can develop their own multi-material fluids and applications. Claus Moseholm, CEO of Quanitca, comments, “We are excited to take our technology to the next level and empower designers, developers, and manufacturers to create better, faster, and more efficiently.”

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