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12.04.2023 | Tech and Business News

Bits and Pieces On Demand

Markus Seibold, Ward Ripmeester, Tim Schark, and Manish Katoch from MakerVerse

Not averse to making things – the MakerVerse management team – © MakerVerse

In these days of dodgy supply chains, sourcing parts has become more of a challenge for industrial production. On-demand industrial-grade CNC machining and additive manufacturing provides a solution for when an R&D unit or a factory needs components quickly. MakerVerse provides parts for prototyping or production, be it small-batch or serial, in metal or polymer. The MakerVerse platform gives you instant quotes and connects you to a global supply chain of, currently, approximately 50 certified producers that ensure quick delivery times. You can have just the tool, jig, fixture, or oojamaflip you need within a matter of days. Now Berlin-based MakerVerse has raised a €9.4 million series A funding round, as TechEU reports from the press release. Founders Tim Schark and Markus Seibold intend to use the money to scale the AI-powered “one-stop shop” for advanced manufacturing with more technologies and materials.

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