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13.05.2022 | Tech and Business News

Bliq Surges Ahead With $13.5 M

The platform app Bliq connects truck drivers to jobs. Bliq is on a mission to help temporary gig workers to earn more, per contract and by being able to schedule rides for different employers. It aggregates the job offers in Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, and others, which means drivers do not have to switch between apps. Drivers from seven countries in Europe have completed over 500,000 trips accepted through Bliq, according to techfundingnews. Berlin-based Bliq was founded by Johannes Riedel, Julian Glaab and Torgen Hauschild in 2019 and secured seed funding in 2020. Now Bliq has raised $13.5 M in series A, with which it intends to expand the service into the huge markets of the Middle East and Africa. CEO Julian Glaab explains, “With Bliq, drivers can conveniently offer their time to multiple on-demand consumer brands at the same time.” It’s the tech that gives Bliq the edge: the app features “surge maps” based on driver activity that show trending locations to help identify the most lucrative areas in a city.

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