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04.05.2022 | Tech and Business News

ERC Grant for Research on Universal Virus Blocking

European Research Council Advanced Grant winner Prof. Dr. Rainer Haag

Prof. Dr. Rainer Haag of the Freie Universität Berlin – © Bernd Wannenmacher

Organic and macromolecular chemistry professor Rainer Haag from the Freie Universität Berlin has been honored with the European Research Council Advanced Grant. Prof. Haag’s research focuses on biodegradable and multivalent macromolecules, supramolecular architectures, nanotransporters for drug delivery, and sustainable polymer syntheses. He will receive approximately $3 M over five years for his project to study the prevention of viral infections. Prof. Dr. Haag sees practical uses for his research in the near future. “I am convinced that multivalent supramolecular nanosystems will offer a way to efficiently eliminate even rapidly mutating viruses and prevent infections in the near future.” The prestigious ERC Grants are intended to enable established researchers to pursue groundbreaking, high-risk projects that open up new avenues in various fields of research.

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