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21.11.2023 | Tech and Business News

Chip Supplier ASML Invests €100M in Berlin Site

Employees in ASML’s clean room in Berlin – the Dutch company is substantially expanding its Berlin site.

Chips with everything – the ASML clean room in Berlin – © ASML

ASML is one the world’s leading suppliers for the semiconductor industry, providing the firms that print computer chips with the hardware, software, and services they require to facilitate mass production. ASML has locations all over the world, one of the more important being in Berlin. Currently, more than 1,600 employees work at the Berlin plant, which is specialized in development and production for the fabrication and high-precision manufacturing of optical hardware components made mostly of glass and ceramics, and which are necessary for the production of silicon wafers. These components may be exported all over the world, for instance to Taiwan. ASML managing director George Gomba has told Handelsblatt that ASML has invested €100M in the Berlin site in 2023 alone in order to expand capacity. There are plans to hire 600 additional staff and continue this level of investment for the next couple of years. In the economic climate at the moment, worry about supply chains means that chip producers are tending to overproduce, in order to be able to meet supply even should another crisis hit. This is beneficial for companies like ASML, and sites like Berlin.

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