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21.11.2023 | Tech and Business News

New Fund for AI Startups

Merantix co-founders Dr. Rasmus Rothe and Adrian Locher

Merantix co-founders Dr. Rasmus Rothe and Adrian Locher – © Merantix

The artificial intelligence specialist Adrian Locher and Rasmus Rother founded Merantix to provide AI R&D services to companies who want to outsource. They also created their own venture arm including an incubator that develops machine learning startups in various industries. This is probably Europe’s first AI venture studio and it has produced 10 startups so far including, for instance, the Berlin-based companies Cambrium as well as Vara, which developed an AI application and workflow software to support breast cancer screening radiologists. Evidently, digital health is an important focus for Merantix. Now, as Sifted reports, Merantix is raising a new €100M fund, its biggest yet, this time including a significant chunk to co-invest in external AI startups. It seems likely that Merantix is most interested in pre-seed and Series A investments within Europe. The new direction is a more challenging business model, since previously Merantix simply funded its own startups with a standard €1M in exchange for 15% equity. As co-investor they will have less control of the startups’ valuations. 

By the way, Merantix also founded and operates the AI Campus Berlin. The AI Campus is a not-for-profit collaboration and co-working location which offers modern office space directly in the center of Berlin and at the same time the chance to connect with the vibrant AI founder community.

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