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06.04.2022 | Tech and Business News

Commerce Solution Productsup Wins $70 M Round

Berlin-based ​​Productsup just raised $70 M to pursue product development and M&A activity that will further its global expansion.

The team from Productsup ups your game if your business is commerce. – © Productsup

The products a company sells are their assets. To keep product information consistent across all channels, the company should ideally have a central asset management system, so the entire portfolio of products is in one single database which connects to all the different cases where the product information should be shown, such as catalogs, online shopping platforms, marketplaces, retailer lists, or social commerce. Founded in 2010, Berlin-based Productsup was the world’s first product-to-consumer information platform to provide this useful service. The idea and the technology seems to be working. Productsup raised $20M last year and has now raked in $70 M in a series B round, as reports. “It’s our priority to ensure companies are equipped to manage the proliferation of shopping channels and experiences,” says Marcel Hollerbach, co-founder and chief innovation officer, adding, “With technology advancements like the metaverse on the horizon …”

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