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08.04.2022 | Tech and Business News

Go Grover, Go! Inspect A Gadget.

In 2021 we featured news on Grover’s success. The company prolongs the life of gadgets like smartphones and other consumer electronics devices by renting rather than selling them. Providing an alternative to refurbished devices, Grover is doing its bit to promote the ideas of circular economy and net zero. Each item may be rented out up to four or five times, subject to complete inspections and overhauls in between. Now Grover’s subscription solution to the problem of electronic waste has gained $110 M in equity and a $220 M loan in a series C round, which raises its valuation to over one billion, as TechCrunch reports. This follows last year’s series B. Grover now has half a million items available for subscription in its catalog and 250,000 active customers in Europe and the US. With the new financing, the Berlin company intends ​​to expand in its fastest-growing market, the U.S. Furthermore, Grover intends through schemes like loyalty programs to encourage more businesses to use its platform to equip their teams.

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