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21.09.2022 | Tech and Business News

Decarbonisation as The Biggest Business Opportunity

Carbon mathematics before investment – Extantia gives funding to decarbonisation tech solutions

Stairway to net zero – the Extantia team – © Extantia

“Cooling down the planet requires hot ideas”, claims Extantia, the Berlin-based investment company that only backs startups who will make a positive impact in the transition to a sustainable economy, primarily by addressing the climate crisis. In their effort to “reinvent our entire economy” under the banner of “green growth”, they have launched a new fund with a total of €300M, as Siliconcanals explains. Half of this money is to be used to back startups, the other to be put into other climate tech venture funds. The money comes from prominent German family offices as well as international investors. Furthermore, Extantia has set up a sustainability hub to advance knowledge and competence in climate innovation and ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance). Partner Sebastian Heitmann explains Extantia’s mission: “We provide economically and ecologically viable investment alternatives to asset managers; education and knowledge to industry leaders and policymakers; and capital and domain expertise to entrepreneurs.”

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