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06.11.2023 | Tech and Business News

€3M for City Mushrooms

Berlin’s Tupu team, experts on mushrooms

Having fungus: the Tupu team – © Tupu

Indoor farming company Tupu is bringing the newest technology to bear on growing mushrooms in an urban environment. FoodLabs and others have now invested €3M seed funding in the agritech startup founded by Eldad Arnon and Daniel Lock in 2021. The money is to be spent on automation technology such as harvesting robots with a view to expanding production capacity, which is apparently already more than three tons a month. Tupu’s modular farming method, which incorporates bioscience and AI, is patent pending, as reports. “Controlled environment farming is a key technology to make our food supply chain climate resilient,” says Till Hoelzer, Principal at backer FoodLabs.

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