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13.11.2023 | Tech and Business News

Doctorly Round Extended for Canadian Healwell AI

The doctorly management team – hoodies are the new scrubs

Leaving their hood – doctorly now co-owned by Canadian Healwell AI – © doctorly

In March 2023, we reported how the Berlin-based medtech Doctorly raised $10M in its Series A round. The startup was the first venture capital financed company to receive all necessary approvals for the distribution of practice software in Germany, and we speculated that they want to go international. Now the round has been extended to accommodate Canadian company Healwell AI, whose strategy “centers around developing and acquiring technology”. They have bought themselves into Doctorly with €7M. Presumably both companies hope to gain respective market entry from this strategic partnership, as startbase suggests, who go on to point out that Germany is the largest healthcare market in Europe and the leader in the European pharmaceutical sector. The extension came about because Doctorly’s March backers are the same VC shareholders who financed Healwell AI.

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