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18.04.2024 | Tech and Business News

€50M for Pliant Credit Cards

Fabian Terner and Malte Rau, co-founders of Pliant

Pliant founders Fabian Terner and Malte Rau – © Pliant

With Pliant, a business can monitor all payments made by staff with company credit cards. Furthermore, Pliant provides businesses with “cards-as-a-service” (CaaS), so that these businesses can launch their own credit card programs to serve their customers, adding a new revenue stream and increasing customer retention. Pliant’s clients simply embed code in their website or use their API. Pliant has an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license for 25 European countries, which means it can issue credit cards in these countries and also provide additional financial products and services. Pliant offers its services in 11 currencies and has also solved the problem of billing in the same currency in which transactions were made. Malte Rau, CEO of Pliant, says he wants to expand the company “into new markets, starting with the UK”, pursuing expansion outside the EU for the first time. A series A financing round of more than €50M after an extension led by PayPal Ventures should make his aim possible, as stated in the press release.

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