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17.04.2024 | Tech and Business News

Offer Your Customers Money with finmid

Co-founders of finmid Max Schertel and Alexander Talkanitsa

Max Schertel and Alexander Talkanitsa, co-founders of finmid – © finmid

If a small or medium sized business needs to make an investment by buying something from your company, the sale may be made easier if that business can defer payment by 90 or 120 days. Effectively, that’s a loan. Now, you can even diversify your offerings to include micro-credits, even though you are not a bank. By embedding a few lines of code from financial solutions startup finmid into your B2B website, you can offer your customers a range of payment and capital solutions, with no risk to yourself. The borrowing businesses have access to financing through your website without having to fill in tiresome forms or going through convoluted approval processes. finmid helps them get funds via the B2B platforms they already trust. 

finmid co-founder Alexander Talkanitsa says, “Banks still have the largest pool of capital but struggle to deploy it efficiently. … We believe B2B software platforms are the future distribution channel for financial services due to their relationships with thousands of businesses.” Food deliverers Wolt, for instance, looked for ways to support their merchant partners and perhaps help them get through tough times by providing easy and flexible access to “cash advances”, with the help of finmid. Founded in 2021 by former employees of neobank N26, finmid has been quietly building its customer base. Now, as EU-startups reports, the startup has raised €35M in early-stage equity funding, supported among others by N26-founder Max Tayenthal.

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