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20.02.2024 | Tech and Business News

FinTech Monite Boosted in Top-up Seed Round

Co-founder and CEO of Monite Ivan Maryasin

Ivan Maryasin, co-founder and CEO of Monite – © Monite

FinTech Monite, founded in Berlin in 2020 by Ivan Maryasin and Andrey Korchak, provides API-first embedded payment and invoicing solutions, ultimately for SMEs to streamline their money processes. Maryasin, who had previously worked at fintech Penta, says, “We did some digging into what companies value … small companies might have five different services, costing them a lot, so we understood their desire to have things in one place.” In 2022 they pivoted from a B2C to a B2B model, providing the tech for other fintechs or neobanks to solve the SMEs financial services problems. Investors are pleased with their performance. According to Maryasin, Monite opted against a series A round, instead raising $6M in a top-up seed round, as pioneer perspective reports. The company already has a staff of 60 and intends to use the fresh capital to scale further.

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