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21.02.2024 | Tech and Business News

Insurance While You Shop: Embedded Insurtech

Leopold Jedina, Johannes Becher, and Dmitry Muzhikov of Embea

Leopold Jedina, Johannes Becher, and Dmitry Muzhikov of Embea – © Embea

‘Embedded’ solutions usually refer to non-core offerings from businesses. The idea has been around for a while, with examples such as branded credit cards or taking out travel insurance when you rent a car or book a trip. In the digital age, products or services of this kind are proliferating. Berlin startup Embea, founded 2022, is a pioneer in ‘no-code’ embedded insurance. Using Embea’s platform, fintechs and banks or health and lifestyle tools can easily augment their services to their customers by offering them an easy way to sign up for a lightweight life or health insurance package. For digital platforms, especially online banks and other fintechs, this creates increased earnings through an additional revenue stream from existing users. As EU-Startups reports, Embea has now raised a total of €4M in its seed funding round, co-led by Berlin-based seed fund Atlantic Labs. “By taking life insurance embedded, we enable underserved groups to access existential coverage while helping our partners to generate additional income,” says Embea co-founder and CEO Dr Johannes Becher. He intends to use the funding to expand in Europe and add new insurance products.

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