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17.11.2022 | Tech and Business News

Fully Loaded: E-Charging Vertical Ecosystem JUCR

From zero to full speed in just a couple of years: JUCR founders just raked in €33M

Going places: Richard Birich, Max Grollmann, and Lukas Puls of JUCR – © JUCR

The new kid driving around the block is JUCR, adding to the long list of Berlin e-mobility startups, companies and institutions. JUCR provides software and hardware charging solutions to B2B customers like carpark operators. It also runs an app that helps drivers find and use over 330,000 charging points from all major operators – you choose a monthly subscription rate to charge from any of the operators. Early investors 2bX and German Media Pool (GMPVC) are now going along with a new round totalling €33M in a mix of seed and debt funding. JUCR will need the money because they want to bring their own charging stations to Europe. These will be AC charging points, which co-founder and CEO Richard Birich considers future-proof since they are easier to install and less expensive to produce, as siliconcanals reports. Lukas Puls, co-founder and CTO for hardware, says, “The final breakthrough in e-mobility will only be possible with better scalability of the charging infrastructure.”

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