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23.11.2022 | Tech and Business News

Need Help Making Decisions?

Maximilian Eber (l.) and Maik Taro Wehmeyer founded Taktile in 2020.

Hands on: Taktile founders Maximilian Eber and Maik Taro Wehmeyer – © Taktile

Berlin machine learning startup Taktile helps you build and evaluate lead scoring, risk scoring, claims probability, churn probability and Customer Lifetime Value, and other automations for data-based decision making. You can integrate Taktile with data sources or predictive models, so data scientists in banks or insurance companies should be interested. But the idea is that non-techie staff can understand the no-code future scenarios the software shows. Berlin fintechs such as Taxfix and Moss are among Taktile’s customers. Harvard alumni Maximilian Eber and Maik Wehmeyer have steered their startup Taktile to high revenue growth since founding in 2020, so for VCs the decision to support them with a new financing round of approx. €20M was easy. The US is a key market and the new money will be used to expand there.

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