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21.02.2023 | Tech and Business News

Funky Xolo Xube Prints 3D With Light

€8M to develop a new 3D printing process that uses light.

Xolo’s Xube is a 3D printer in a 50x50x50cm box – © Xolo

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the federal deep tech and climate fund DTCF. The first startup to get a slice of this new pie is Berlin’s Xolo, as part of their series A round comprising €8M. Xolo have developed a new “volumetric” process for 3D printing “based on dual color photoinitiators”, resulting in smooth surfaces rather than the characteristic texture of objects made by additive manufacture. Cleverly, Xolo’s solution comes in a goodlooking cube they call a Xube, which comes in two versions. Scientists and researchers can put themselves on the waiting list to get one.

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