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12.09.2023 | Tech and Business News

Greentech Unicorn Enpal Invests in theion

A couple of years ago, we spoke with Johannes Eisele, operations manager at theion, about the first solid-state lithium-sulfur battery on the market. theion’s goal is to achieve “three times the energy density of today’s battery technology.” They have developed a Lithium Metal Host Anode (LMHA) which overcomes certain ‘dendrite’ problems that typically appear when lithium is used. But the key ingredient theion is known for among battery experts is sulfur, which they combine with lithium for portable batteries and sodium for stationary storage of renewable energy like wind and solar. It’s the stationary storage that particularly interests Enpal, another company we have often mentioned on Now Startbase reports that Enpal has made a strategic investment in theion – sum undisclosed –, giving Enpal access to new tech for stationary storage and strengthening their position in the growing European market in the field of photovoltaics. “We are pleased to have Enpal on board as a strategic investor. Our goal is to make stationary storage accessible to everyone by combining our technology with Enpal’s strong market access,” says theion’s CEO Dr. Ulrich Ehmes.

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