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06.09.2023 | Tech and Business News

Replacing the World’s Strongest Greenhouse Gas

Energy infrastructure hardware that regulates and meters power systems in order to control, protect, or isolate them is called switchgear. Think fuse box in bigger setups. Typically, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) has been used in such circuit breakers and switchgear, which is a problem since SF6 is a potent greenhouse gas. That’s why Nuventura has developed gas insulated switchgear (GIS) technology that replaces SF6 with dry air. The Nuventura business model “helps switchgear manufacturers expand and future-proof their product portfolios”. Sounds niche, but it’s an important step in the direction of climate neutrality. Early investor IBB Ventures has announced a new €25M series A funding round, bringing total investment in Berlin-based Nuventura to more than €35M. Co-founder and CEO Dr Fabian Lemke knows that he is in the right space at the right moment. “This is an extremely exciting time to be in this sector,” he says. The money will be used to “expand our operations internationally and continue providing sustainable switchgear alternatives.”

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