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25.04.2024 | Tech and Business News

Meaty Flavors Without Animal Farming

The scientists of Cultimate Foods in their lab

The Cultimate Foods team – © Cultimate

Creating change takes time. The scientists at Cultimate Foods believe meat-eaters can be weaned off meat by giving them an alternative that provides the same taste and texture. Their solution is a hybrid product that combines plant-based protein and cell-based ingredients such as cultivated fat grown in the lab from fat cells, so without any harm to animals. The idea is to be a B2B partner and supply the cell-cultivated premium fat as a sustainable ingredient to producers of meat alternatives. “Science is the key to addressing many of the problems caused by the food industry. … We can deliver the meaty flavors consumers crave while simultaneously cutting down on unethical intensive animal farming and tackling climate change by reducing CO2-emissions,” says Eugenia Sagué, co-founder and managing director of Cultimate Foods. Cultimate was founded by Sagué and George Zheleznyi in 2022 in Göttingen and its home is now in Berlin’s Biocube. As EU-startups reports, Cultimate has just raised €2.3M in a seed-round.

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