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29.04.2024 | Tech and Business News

Parloa Makes Calling Companies Fun Again

Parloa co-founders Stefan Ostwald and Malte Kosub

Parloa co-founders Stefan Ostwald and Malte Kosub – © Parloa

Automations in software have hitherto mostly been of a mechanical nature – a specific event triggers an action. In a customer service context that might mean that a new support ticket gets assigned to a support agent, who receives a task and a notification thereof. With the advent of AI, such processes can become smarter. Parloa concentrates on the phone as medium of choice for contact centers, including chats and messaging platforms, and uses advanced AI for speech generation and more. Founded by managing directors Malte Kosub and Stefan Ostwald in Berlin in 2018, the toolsuite is built on OpenAI and the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Parloa just closed their series B round having raised $66M, bringing the total up to $98M, according to their own press release. This comes after Parloa’s US market entry in 2023 when it opened its first office outside of Europe in New York. The new funding should help, as Kosub puts it, “to revolutionize customer experiences by enabling AI agents to engage personally, proactively and independently. AI agents are evolving beyond rigid, script-based voicebots to provide personalized responses and interactions. We make calling companies fun again.”

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