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13.12.2022 | Tech and Business News

New Money for Money Companies

Tapline founders Peter Grouev and Dean Hastie are ex-bankers, venture builders and techies.

Tapline co-founders Peter Grouev (CEO) and Dean Hastie (CIO) – © Tapline

Berlin makes the money go round, we’ve said so before. Cases in point are two new investments in promising Berlin fintechs, namely Tapline and Mondu. The latter already received a round of funding this year, but that apparently wasn’t enough, because now German Vereinigte Volksbank Raiffeisenbank (VVRB) has put in another €20M, as altfi reports. Mondu plans to use this fresh capital for internationalization, expanding its ‘buy now, pay later’ for B2B service into the Netherlands, a dense market for payment providers. Tapline is a new player with a concept that will interest other startups looking for money. Tapline lends non-dilutive capital to SaaS companies in trade for future revenues, as altfi explains (alternatively, see silicon canals). It’s like getting what you are going to earn from your customers earlier than they pay. This can act as a stopgap between rounds. The amount you can get depends on your annual recurring revenue. You just have to remember that you have already spent what you’ll be earning next year. Tapline’s new twist on loans has convinced investors to support them with a total of €31.7M in pre-seed funding.

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