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13.03.2024 | Tech and Business News

Quantum-aided Chemical and Materials R&D

Managing Quantistry: Arturo Robertazzi, Stefan Kupferberg, and CEO Marcel Quennet

Testing the propensity of material – the Quantistry management team. – © Quantistry

Investors get excited about quantum tech and about AI. Small wonder Berlin-based startup Quantistry just secured €3M funding, since they combine both in their chemical simulation platform for scientific research and development in the field of new materials. The platform contains millions of chemical and material structures with which to run simulations in the browser of an ordinary computer. Institutions and R&D companies can use the platform to predict outcomes in real world use-cases in scenarios from atoms and electrons to complex systems, quantum chemistry, or force-field-based simulations, to next-gen battery materials, semiconductors, hydrogen fuel cells, polymers, alloys, or carbon capture. “It’s clear: simulations not only transform the industrial R&D landscape but also steer it towards a greener future – yet, they remain out of reach for many. Together, we’re democratizing this technology, shaping the future of chemical R&D and materials science,” says Quantistry CEO Marcel Quennet.

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