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31.08.2022 | Tech and Business News

Salt in the Energy Wound

Due to start producing sodium batteries in 2024, the new CSE plant in Berlin Marzahn

Rendering of the proposed plant in Berlin Marzahn – © CSE, müller simon architekten

A consortium that includes BAE Batteries has secured a site in Berlin Marzahn to produce sodium nickel chloride-based batteries that temporarily store surplus renewable electricity, so that for example solar power can be applied at night. Cleantech Business Park Marzahn is to be expanded in order to make room for the new CSE (which stands for Ceramic Sodium Energy) plant that will produce the salt-based batteries, as several sources including the Berliner-Zeitung report. The investment of approximately €40M will create an estimated 380 jobs and production is expected to begin in 2024. This innovative alternative to conventional lithium systems could herald a breakthrough in battery power.

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