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01.09.2022 | Tech and Business News

Spreading like Wildfire: Dryad’s Forest Fire Warning

The sensors connect to the solar-powered mesh networking infrastructure of other sensors which connects to a cloud platform

The zero-lithium solar detector can connect to its network even in areas with no internet – © Dryad

Deforestation worldwide is increasing, according to Global Forest Watch, with wildfires accounting for up to 32% of tree loss and a big portion of global CO2 emissions. Berliner Carsten Brinkschulte is determined to do something about this problem with his latest project Dryad. The company provides solar-powered environmental sensor networks for forest monitoring including ultra-early wildfire detection. The network works even where the internet doesn’t, and Dryad’s tech is a unique combination of “low-cost sensors, solar-powered LoRa® based mesh networking infrastructure and a cloud analytics platform”. Now Dryad reports that it has closed a €10.5M Series A funding deal to bring their solution to market.

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