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21.08.2023 | Tech and Business News

Simplifying Sourcing and Procurement

Founders of procurement suite Mercanis Fabian Heinrich and Moritz Weiermann

Fabian Heinrich and Moritz Weiermann of Mercanis – © Mercanis

Berlin-based company Mercanis wants to simplify the sourcing of materials and management of procurement from suppliers with its AI platform. “Our solution delivers cost and time efficiencies, while also offering a robust defense against risks [such as inflation and recession] for our clients,” says CEO and co-founder Fabian Heinrich. VC and angels believe him and have invested €9.2 M in seed funding, which Heinrich plans to use for product development, concentrating especially on the potential of artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs) for contract analysis and autonomous sourcing. Several well-known sports companies such as Wilson, Arcteryx, Atomic and Salomon are already using Mercanis.

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