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19.05.2022 | Tech and Business News

Solar Panels on Every Roof in the World

Alex Melzer, co-founder of solar startup Zolar, wants to put a solar panel on every roof.

Zolar co-founder Alex Melzer – © Zolar

Last year Alex Melzer from Zolar said that “2022 is set to be a big year for renewables”. Is it so far? Apparently, because the €20 M Zolar raised last year look quite paltry compared to their new Series C funding of €100 M, just announced on Siliconcanals. Solar technologies are rapidly becoming one of the cheapest ways to generate electricity and are a major hope for our net-zero future. Zolar’s photovoltaic tech brings solar to the masses – the company provides an easy buy or rent solution for putting panels on your roof, with the option to add a solar battery. Zolar will use some of the money to ramp up its app into a holistic energy management system in interplay with a dynamic electricity tariff. The app will know the most economical time to automatically charge your e-car, for example. Also planned is the expansion of their Craftship Partner Network as well as their own training center for technicians. The need for independence from coal, gas and oil is now apparent to everyone. Melzer says, "The climate crisis, energy security issues and the rising cost of fossil fuels mean we must move very quickly ... There are 16 million roofs on single and two-family homes in Germany. More than 14 million of them are still without solar systems.” The company’s clear and simple aim is to install solar panels on every roof in the world

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