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07.07.2022 | Tech and Business News

“Solving the Climate Crisis or Advancing Social Equality”

On a mission to drive systemic transformation in VC: Fabian and Ferry Heilemann, Siobhan Brewster, and Melina Sánchez Montañés

Heilemann brothers Fabian and Ferry with Siobhan Brewster and Melina Sánchez Montañés – © AENU

“We invest in technologies that contribute to solving the climate crisis or advancing social equality,“ says Ferry Heilemann, AENU-Founder and Partner. His brother Fabian Heilemann, CEO of AENU, calls what their new fund does ‘Impact Capitalism’, pointing out that, “Chasing profits blindly has led to collateral damage to our planet and society. It’s time for a system upgrade.” The Heilemanns have plenty of investment experience from Earlybird, and founder experience from successful startups such as Forto, formerly known as FreightHub. Now they have asked all their family and friends to put money into a new kind of fund for long-term financing of ideas that will specifically help the planet and its people. So far, they have gathered €100 M, and intend to get €500 M by 2026, as techfundingnews reports. Initially named Pirate Impact, AENU is already backing many startups, including Zolar, Planetly, Cleanhub, Plantix, Infarm, Dance, and Monta.

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