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16.05.2024 | Tech and Business News

trawa Helps SMEs Transition to Green Energy

trawa co-founders Max Lüddemann, Robert Quick and David Budde

trawa co-founders Max Lüddemann, Robert Quick and David Budde – © trawa

GreenTech trawa enables companies of all sizes to source electricity from solar and wind farms. The founders Max Lüddemann, Robert Quick and David Budde “see renewable energy as an essential cornerstone of future economic growth and believe that sustainability and cost efficiency are compatible”. Their startup, founded 2022, offers companies direct contracts with solar and wind parks as part of an electricity tariff which can include their energy management software, to optimize costs for example with cross-location load profile management. A virtual energy assistant, like a smart meter, monitors consumption, costs and sustainability so companies can actively control their electricity consumption and emissions targets. The AI-based structured power procurement trawa offers can be up to 20 percent cheaper than fixed-rate purchases, and all energy procured through trawa is easily traceable for sustainability reporting. Now, as siliconcanals reports, trawa has raised €10M in a seed round. Budde says, “This financing will enable trawa to further expand our ecosystem platform to supply businesses with a solution that automatically manages and optimizes their energy costs, consumption and emissions.”

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